Deaf Community

Dare to bring possibility into the silence.

Approximately 10,000 deaf children live in Afghanistan. Most live without any communication with the hearing world. Afghanistan has a higher prevalence of deaf people due to several factors including a lack of preventative services and vaccinations; the high rate of complications during childbirth; inter-marriage; and injury from bombs, mines, trauma, and torture.

M2M believes the members of the deaf community in Afghanistan deserve the same access to education as their hearing counterparts. Working with the Afghan National Association for the Deaf (ANAD), we have forged a sustainable, locally-driven solution that serves the deaf community. 

Thanks to a five-acre land donation from the Karzai government in April 2010, we are breaking ground for a permanent deaf school in Kabul.  Our construction partner,  International Home Finance and Development, LLC (IHFD) oversaw the construction of the security wall, finished in June 2011, which ensured the land donation was secured, and that we could safely move on to the next step, building a school.   

We need your help.  With the land and a construction partner in hand, our immediate efforts are focused on raising the funds necessary to complete the project.  M2M must assemble $800,000 for school construction.  This school will be the first K-12, boys and girls school in Afghanistan.  When complete, the facility will house primary and secondary schools that will serve 800 students, a teacher-training center, the headquarters of the Afghan National Association for the Deaf (ANAD), and a farm to provide vocational training in agriculture for the deaf. 

You can make a secure, online donation here on our website.  

Our goal is to train enough teachers to open additional schools in more remote parts of the country.  Long-term success will require interpreter training, mentorship from the West and the creation of a sustainable program that trains graduates to become teachers and compensates them for their work. Our vision is a vibrant, educated deaf community that contributes to the entire Afghan society. 

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