Mother and Child

Two generations of women: mother and child. Afghanistan’s past, present and future captured in one compelling image.

They live in Kabul. The mother still wears the burqa whenever she leaves the house. The daughter is 5 and already looks like the modern version of her mother. Ears pierced and small blue jeans, it’s not hard to imagine her in any Western kindergarten. She will grow up in a Kabul that is under government control and, while the ongoing conflict still affects her city, our belief and our hope is that she will not grow up like her mother, under the thumb of Taliban oppression.

The success of organizations like M2M will give her the opportunity to go to school, get an education, make choices about her future, find meaningful work and become an integral part of her family and her community.

Today her future is uncertain. Will she marry, have children, wear a burqa, work outside the home, become a leader? What is certain is that, unlike her mother, she will play a role in making decisions about her own future.

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