Street Art

"This is Afghanistan" is the second phase in an ongoing street art project in collaboration with Combat Communications. In this phase several of the top innovators in street, public and modern art mentor contemporary art students from Kabul University. Phase three will build upon the skills they develop and voice they want to express with an exhibition in 2011.

Combat Communications is a small anonymous group of international artists founded in 2009 with the sole aim of advocating and promoting free expression.

The first phase created a street art project around the idea of The Cost of War. Chand Ast? How Much? The images have already become iconic around Kabul and have sparked conversations, projects with the UN, and are even serving as street signs in sections of Kabul's maze-like districts.

Combat Comms was commissioned to post-up a newly constructed blast wall at a UN compound. The wall is made of organic materials and was created as an alternative to the ugly concrete and Hesco style blast walls that surround Kabul like a plague of rats in a city under siege.