Women & Girls

We believe women and girls are the solutions. As women assume leadership positions in their villages, actively participate in the reconstruction of their communities, start businesses, train other women and serve as role models, they become active citizens who can help to establish lasting peace and economic stability.

Empowering girls and women yields undeniable returns — for everyone.  But the challenges are great.  Today, women represent 70 percent of the world’s poor. They own 1 percent of the property and earn 10 percent of the income.  At the same time, they produce 50 percent of the world’s food and perform 66 percent of the work.

Consider this:

  • When you educate a girl through secondary school, she marries four years later and has 2.2 fewer children.
  • If you educate 10 percent of the girls in a developing country, that country's economy grows and prospers by 25 percent.
  • If you educate a girl in a developing country, the infant mortality rate drops.
  • If you educate a girl in a developing country, the level of militancy drops.
  • When women and girls earn income, they reinvest 90 percent of it in their families, compared to only 30 to 40 percent for a man.
  • The children of educated mothers are 40 percent more likely to live beyond the age of five, and 50 percent more likely to be immunized.

Mountain2 Mountain believes the education of women and girls is the first step toward real empowerment and lasting transformation. Our projects focus on real solutions, village to village. Working alongside men and boys to create support for the education, training and microfinance of women and girls creates the cultural support that ensures our work sets off ripples of change that will impact entire communities for generations to come.

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Here are two compelling videos about the "Girl Effect." The first is from the Clinton Global Initiative and the second comes from the The Girl Effect, a project of the Nike Foundation: